Easy & Delicious Chips & Caviar Snacks – Lätta & Goda Chips & Rom Snacks


It’s a little strange because here in the US “caviar” is such a delicacy, not to say it’s not a little “luxurious” in Sweden, but it’s not the same thing. These chips are perfect for a cocktail party or just as a nice weekend appetizer! Quick and easy to make, and something that any salt-lover will like! This recipe will go under a new category called “Phone Recipes” meaning that they are usually quicker, and photos are taken with my phone, we’ll see how it turns out, let me know what you think!

What you need: / Du behöver:

Lightly salted chips / Lättsaltade lantchips 

1 small red onion / 1 liten rödlök 

sour cream / creme fraiche 

caviar / rom 

fresh dill / färsk dill 

1.Chop the onion in small, small pieces. / Finhacka löken.

2. Spread out the chips. / Sprid ut chipsen.

3. Put a little bit of sour cream, followed by onion and caviar on them. / Lägg på lite creme fraiche, lök och rom.

4. Top with dill. / Toppa med dill.

5. Done! / Klart!


Vegan Mint Ice Cream – Vegansk Mintglass


My favorite flavor of ice cream has always been mint. The kind you would buy in store is a lot of times white, but if you make it yourself, it’s always bright green! I love that it is so colorful, because it makes it appealing both visually and when you taste it. This vegan ice cream is super easy to make… If you have a good blender. Make sure to freeze the bananas at least 6 hours ahead, in order to get the most like ice cream texture.

Recipe (4) / Recept (4)

5 frozen bananas / 5 frozen bananas

2 plants of fresh mint / 2 krukor färsk mynta 

2 avocados / 2 avokados

1 small bag of fresh spinach / 1 liten påse bladspenat 

Chocolate for topping / Choklad till topping

1. Put everything in a mixer, mix until smooth (it will happen, just be patient.). / Lägg allt i en mixer och mixa tills glassen blivit slät (det tar lite tid, ha tålamod.).

2. Serve immediately and sprinkle with dark chocolate. / Servera direkt och toppa med choklad.

3. Done! / Klart!


Strawberry Dessert Sallad with Pistachios and Balsamico – Efterrätts Sallad med Jordgubbar, Pistagenötter och Balsamico


This is the season for Strawberries! This dessert sallad is delicious, fun and different! The pistachios and balsamico goes really well with the strawberries, and together the combo brings out loads of flavors! Easy, quick, summery and delicious.

Recipe / Recept 

Strawberries / Jordgubbar 

Physalis fruit (optional) / Physalis frukt (kan uteslutas) 

Balsamico / Balsamico 

Pistachios / Pistagenötter 

powdered sugar / florsocker 

1. Cut the strawberries and physalis in slices. / Skiva jordgubbar och physalis.

2. Sprinkle with pistachios, balsamico and powdered sugar. / Strö över pistagenötter, balsamico och florsocker.

3. Done! / Klart!


Mint, Lemon and Green Pea Spread – Mynta, Citron och Ärt Dip


Yeeees! I don’t know if any of you remember, but (almost 2 years…) a while ago I posted a recipe of mashed peas. I know it seems strange but it is so absolutely delicious! This recipe I found in a magazine, and tweaked it to my favor. It looks so pretty and it is seriously addicting. You could eat it with just crackers or something similar, or have it as a dip for chicken or fish. The only thing that is important is that you try it!

Recipe / Recept

200 g frozen green peas / 200 g frysta gröna ärtor

1 plant of fresh mint / 1 kruka färsk mynta

1/3 lemon, zest and juice / 1/3 citron, saft och skal

1 tbsp-ish olive oil / 1 msk-ish olivolja 

salt & pepper / salt & peppar 

1. Boil the peas. / Koka ärtorna

2. But everything into a food processor. / Lägg allt i en mixer.

3. Mix everything together and add salt and pepper after taste. / Mixa allt och smaka av med salt och peppar.

4. Done! / Klart!


Pancakes with Bananas – Pannkakor med Banan


So this really was an experiment, but it turned out well. Pancakes comes in so many shapes, forms, flavors and ingredients. My favorites (as mentioned a million times) are the classic banana pancakes. But – sometimes there’s a clear carb-craving that can only be satisfied by real flour pancakes. Although, I still love the flavor of banana, therefore, I tried switching some of the flour for mashed banana, and it turned out delicious and VERY filling. Try it our next time you’re making pancakes for breakfast!

Recipe / Recept

0.5 cups of flour / 1.25 dl mjöl

2 tsp of baking powder / 2 tsk bakpulver

2 tbsp of sugar / 2 msk socker

a pinch of salt / en nypa salt

1 cup of milk / 2.5 dl mjölk

1 egg / 1 ägg

2 mashed bananas / 2 mosade bananer

1. Mash the banana. / Mosa bananen.

2. Mix all ingredients together. / Blanda alla ingredienser samman.

3. Heat a pan with butter. / Hetta upp en panna med smör.

4. Make small pancakes, when they bubble, flip. / Gör små pannkakor, när dom bubblar, vänd.

5. Done! / Klart!


Shrimp & Shiitake Dumplings – Dumplings med Räkor och Shiitake fyllning


Yesterday it was time for dumplings again, and I must say that it went much better than my previous attempts (here and here). These dumplings were made with two different fillings, Shiitake mushroom, garlic and scallion, and shrimp, scallions and peanuts. I steamed these in two ways, some of them in a real steamer (easiest) the other one’s I put on a spatula and held it over boiling water with a lid on… Both ways worked, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a steamer :). The past times I’ve made dumplings I’ve made them as small bags, but this time I folded the dough across, into a triangle, and then folded the other corners in and tightened, so that they became squares (you can see what they looked like from the pictures). All in all a very successful dinner.

Recipe / Recept 

Dumpling dough (got mine at whole foods) / Dumpling deg (kan tänka mig att det finns på asiatiska matvarubutiker) 

Shiitake filling / Shiitake fyllning

5 shiitake mushrooms / 5 shiitake svampar

6 baby scallions / 6 bebis salladslökar 

2 cloves of garlic / 2 vitlöksklyftor

1 tbsp of soy / 1 msk soya 

Shrimp & Peanut filling / Fyllning med Räkor och Jordnötter

about 0.8 ounces of shrimp / ca 400 g räkor

6 baby scallions / 6 bebis salladslökar 

1 tsp of peanut butter / 1 tsk jordnötssmör 

1 tsp of hoisin sauce / 1 tsk hoisinsås

about 2 tbsp of chopped peanuts / ca 2 msk hackade jordnötter

1. Start by cutting the mushrooms and scallions into small pieces. / Börja med att hacka svamparna och lökarna i små bitar.

2. Heat a frying pan, sauté the mushrooms, scallions and crushed garlic. Add soy. / Hetta upp en stekpanna, stek svamp, lök, och pressad vitlök. Lägg i soya.

4. Set filling one aside. / Ställ den första fyllningen åt sidan.

5. Cut the shrimp and scallions into small pieces. / Hacka räkor och lök.

6. Sauté together with peanut butter and hoisin sauce, add the chopped peanuts at the end. / Stek tillsammans med jordnötssmör och hoisinsås, lägg i de hackade jordnötterna på slutet.

7. Fold the dumplings by adding about a teaspoon of filling in the middle, watering the edges and then folding across into a triangle, holding the top tight and then folding in the corners to the middle, creating a square. / Vik ihop dumplings genom att lägga ca 1 tsk fyllning i mitten, blöt kanterna med vatten. Sedan viker du degen rakt över så att du får en triangel, håll i toppen och vik in kanterna till en kvadrat och täpp till kanterna.

8. Steam the dumplings for about 3 min. / Ånga i ca 3 min.

9. Done! / Klart!



Dark Chocolate Fudge with Seasalt – Mörk Choklad Fudge med Havssalt


Here’s a recipe that takes you no more than 30 min and is PERFECT for your Christmas dessert table (maybe that’s just in Sweden, but perfect for dessert anyway…). This fudge only requires a few ingredients and is hard to fail when doing! Try it yourself.

Recipe / Recept 

1.25 cups of sugar / 3 dl socker 

1.25 cups of heavy whipping cream / 3 dl grädde

0.4 cups of light corn syrup / 1 dl ljus sirap 

2 tbsp of cacao powder / 2 msk kakao

1 dark (70% or higher) chocolate bar / 1 mörk (70% eller högre) chokladkaka

50 g of butter / 50 g smör

1 tsp of salt / 1 tsk salt

sea salt for sprinkling / havssalt för strössel

1. Bring sugar, cream, syrup and cacao powder to boil. / Koka upp socker, grädde, sirap och kakao.

2. Boil until thickened, this varies in time, but about 20 min. Try if it’s ready by dripping down some of the batter into a glas with ice cold water, if you can shape the batter – it’s ready. If not – let it boil for longer. / Koka tills smeten tjocknat, det kan ta olika lång tid, men ca 20 min. Prova om den är klar genom att droppa ner lite smet i ett glas med iskallt vatten. Om du kan forma smeten, är den klar – om inte, låt den fortsätta koka.

3. Remove from heat. Stir in chopped chocolate, salt and butter. / Ta bort från värmen, rör i hackad choklad, salt och smör.

4. Pour into a brownie pan with parchment paper. / Häll i en ugnsform med bakplåtspapper.

5. Sprinkle with salt. / Toppa med salt.

6. Let cool in the fridge. / Låt svalna i kylen.

7. Cut in pieces. / Skär i bitar.

8. Done! / Klart!


Oven Roasted Tomatoes & Potatoes – Ugnsrostade Tomater & Potatis


Potatoes is something I very rarely cook. Not because I don’t like it – quite the opposite. It’s just that potatoes are never what inspires me when I’m in the store, there are always so many other things I come across that I want to try. Although, small, fresh potatoes are so good, and if not just boiled with some dill (yes, that is for sure a Swedish thing) you can roast them in the oven…. It takes some time, and I think that’s another reason to why I don’t make oven roasted potatoes that often. Although, they cook themselves, and you can prepare something else (or do dishes) while they cook in the oven. Here, they’re prepared with tomatoes, olive oil, salt and basil….

Recipe / Recept 

Potatoes and tomatoes / potatis och tomater

olive oil / olivolja 

fresh basil / färsk basilika 

salt / salt 

1. Preheat the oven to 440 F. / Sätt ugnen på 225 grader.

2. Cut bigger potatoes in two, rinse and wash all potatoes. / Skär större potatisar i två, skölj och tvätta all potatis.

3. Cut over fresh basil. / Klipp över färsk basilika.

4. Add olive oil, not too much. / Tillsätt olivolja, inte för mycket.

5. Add salt. / Salta.

6. Mix. / Blanda.

7. Cook in the oven for about 35 min, or until golden. / Tillaga i ugnen i ca 35 min, eller tills gyllene.

8. Done! / Klart!


A whole Grilled CornCob – En hel Grillad Majskolv


For those of you who has been with me for a while know that I love corn (and maybe more so, corncobs). In the summer, I believe it’s one of the best things to put on the grill. But maybe you guys, just like me, has had the issue of the corncob cooking unevenly. Since it’s not as thick all through it can be hard to grill it in a good way. So what to do? Well, don’t be frightened by the pictures – it’s not burnt. But put it on the grill with it’s peel on! Cook until the first layer is black and then flip it, 3 times in total, you’ll have perfectly flavored, perfectly grilled corncobs! Tadaaa.

Recipe / Recept

Just corncobs / Bara majskolvar

1. Heat the grill. / Sätt på grillen.
2. Put the corncobs on. / Lägg på majkolvarna.
3. Grill for about 5 min on each side (4 sides) or until black. / Grilla i ca 5 min på varje sida (4 sidor) eller tills svart.
4. Let cool a little. / Låt svalna lite.
5. Peel. / Skala.
6. Done! / Klart!




Nectarine Salsa – Nektarinsalsa


What’s better to a night of grilling than a delicious salsa? It’s fresh, sweet and salty at the same time, and contrasts whatever being grilled. This salsa is based on nectarines, which gives it a tangy taste. It’s fast and easy to make, but could also be kept in a jar for a couple of days in order to just let the flavors marry together. Whatever you decide to do, this is a “must-have” on the dinner table!


Recipe / Recept

2 nectarines / 2 nektariner

2 small tomatoes / 2 små tomater

1 small cucumber / 1 liten gurka

2 spring onions / 2 salladslökar 

Olive oil / Olivolja 

Salt / Salt

1. Chop all the fruits and vegetables. / Hacka alla frukter och grönsaker.

2. Sprinkle over olive oil and salt. / Strö över olivolja och salt.

3. Done! / Klart!